What we Do

You’re not afraid to be true to yourself, and neither are we. At Paddock Financial Planning, we take a different approach to financial planning that focuses on you as an individual.

How can you strive to preserve and manage your hard-earned wealth? How will your retirement unfold? Do you have enough to last? Through our experience and expertise, we can help you find the answers to these questions and a path toward your financial goals that’s right for you.

Financial Planning

Our financial plans offer a high degree of personalization that matches your investments to your goals and ability to take on risk. We analyze each potential opportunity to find just the right ones for you, your family and your goals, while also helping to manage your liabilities so you feel confident in your complete financial picture.

$2,500 Comprehensive Financial Plan and one year of proactive financial services.

Investment Management

As your financial planner, we are not putting forth just any investment strategy, but the purpose-driven strategy that is designed to best fit your life. Meeting your requirements for growth, income or capital preservation – while being mindful of your attitude toward risk – is our objective. You can expect a portfolio that is individually customized to reflect the future as you envision it.

Investment advisory fees are incremental and charged quarterly in advance, based on the value of accounts at the end of each quarter. A fee schedule will be provided as a follow-up to our introductory meeting.

In limited circumstances at our discretion, advisers of Paddock Financial Planning offer hourly billing, if appropriate. The cost for hourly financial planning services is $250 per hour.

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Andrew Carnegie